Friday, August 26, 2011


There is something fulfilling and satisfying about writing. Right after finishing a blog post I often wonder why I don't post more often. But the truth is there are things we observe and things we do. The things we observe and the things we do require time. Roocha is a combination of both – we observe and we write so it really takes time and energy. Over the past couple of years the things I do outside of Roocha have been dominating more and more. A new job and new city, renewed focus on my running - all take time and energy. I have picked up golf (yes golf) and that takes time, much more time than I had ever thought. Then there is the everyday mundane stuff that never lets up and all those books that I want to read and it goes on and on.

Often the hardest part is getting started. Inertia – a body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Who would have though Newton’s laws of motion applied to Roocha. I am back for at least a week and hope that inertia will keep me rolling after that. This week there are a host of things on my schedule so I will try to weave the blogging it in with the things I do – which means I won’t be updating as fast. For example on SaturdayI won't be able to update until late.

Daegu will be interesting. Track events in Ethiopia are at a critical juncture and Daegu may provide us some clues as to where we may be headed. I look for the next 10 or so days to answer a few questions.

Is Ethiopian Athletics in decline?
More and more talented runners are going straight to road racing. The pipeline on the track has not been replenished. Or has it? Do we have a young Kenenisa or a young Tirunesh? Are the younger runners competitive? What will things look like 4 years from now?

What’s up with Kennenisa?
Since his accention to the top in 2003 Kenny has been extraordinarly reliable. He is a vital piece for London ’12. Is Kenny fit? Does he have his heart in it?

Will the women’s marathon team dominate?
Gee.. this is a strong team they have. Can they dominate?

Will the Men’s Marathon runners ever learn to win in hot weather?
They seem to always melt in hot weather. Will this year be any different?

Men’s Marathon - will there be a spot for Haile?
If the men put a strong performance there may not be room for Haile on the 2012 squad.

Forget the Kenyans - I have always thought that this is an event that Ethiopians can dominate if focus is given. In past events Ethiopian athelets have shown that they can compete. The next step is medaling. Will there be a breakthrough?

Middle distance?
Was Deresse Mekonnen a fluke? Will any of the women step up?

800m and 400m?
Is there hope?

Any thoughts?