Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Observations

Women's 1500M

Kalkidan Gezahegne a medal contender did not advance from the first heat. It's a disaster. Kalkidan did most of he leading in her race. But the race she lead was the slowest heat. If she goes through the trouble of leading why not lead a fast race? In addition, this was the first heat where one does not know how fast they should run to qualify so it is even more important that to lead a fast if you can run a fast pace. 11 of 12 runners in the fastest heat (heat 3) advanced. Obviously she had her tactics wrong. This is similar to what happened to Gelete Burka in Beijing 2008. The coaches should have prepared runners for this situation.

We now only have Gelete Burka and she does not look like the runner she was two years ago. She has always has had problems at big events. In Beijing she was one of the favorites but did not qualify from her heat. In Berlin 2009 she was shoved and fell during the final lap. She was fading when she was shoved. This time she is not considered medal favorite so with less pressure she may produce better results. That is just hope. First she needs to qualify for the finals and qualifying has been a problem.

Women's 400 M
During the introduction announcement of the 400 M runners Fantu Magiso did some hot dogging - pointing to herself - yeah I am the famos Fantu ya'all heard about. She should have conserved her energy as she finished last in her heat. She was out classed. Her body looks like it has never seen a weight room. There is a lot of work to be done there.

Men's 10000M

Did you think all that chest thumping by Ibrabim Jeilan at the finish line was a bit too much? It went on and on and on and on. Miruts never did anything like that. Haile never did anything like that. Derartu never did anything like that. All of these were classy runners. Ibrahim Jeilan is a fine runner but he does not want to motivate other runner.

Now this is class...

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