Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gold at Last

In what has to be on of the great finishes in the 10,000M, a gutsy Ibrahim Jeilan came through with a blistering finish to catch favorite Mo Farah at the finish line. Imani Merga came in 3rd.

Kenenisa should have never started this race. He dropped out at about the 5,000M.

The Kenyans were a non-factor in this race mostly because Zersenay Tadese kept the pace honest. A lot of respect to Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea who always runs an honest race. I always wonder what his results would be if he had a good supporting cast.

Ibrahim Jeilan emergence as well as Imani Merga 3rd place finish coupled with the poor showing by Kenenisa Bekele and Seleshi Sihine will transform the Ethiopian London field. Kenenisa Bekele and Seleshi Sihine had been fixtures at this event. It's most likely that one of them will not be at the 2012 Olympics as there is no room on the roster.

Will Kenenisa Bekele be back? Can Ibrahim Jeilan beat a fit Kenenisa Bekele?