Sunday, March 28, 2010

World Cross Country Championships

It was a disaster today.

"Of the twelve individual medals at stake, only three escaped Kenyan runners: the senior men’s silver and bronze which went to Teklemariam Medhin of Eritrea and Moses Kipsiro of Uganda and Melkamu’s senior women’s bronze."


yekolo said...

There seems to be a systematic problem with our team's preparation. Not only we were beaten soundly by the Kenyans but none of our athletes performed to the best of their ability. There was nothing special about the men's team but the women's teams were full of talented runners.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Even Tirunesh did very poorly. This was really very bad. The thing that got me was how bad the Juniors did.

Amihai Zivan said...

I understood Kenenisa is hurt but where are all the rest?
Tariku? Cherkos? Jeilan? Fikadu? Dinkesa?

Where are all these guys???

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