Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Addis

I happen to be in Addis and I am finding it quite a challenge to blog. Now I am feeling like there is nothing like having broadband at home. Second there is nothing like having reliable electric service. Right now power is on on alternating days. On the days you are supposed to have power you may or may not have power. Any help with blogging on this site will be much appreciated.

There was a neat program on the radio in the taxi this morning that talked about the day's events and there were some spontaneous conversations and disappointment that Tirunesh is not running. There is a little bit of excitement but more excitement about the up coming Premier League soccer opening this weekend.

I will try to post when I have good Internet access and if I happen to have electricity.

As for today's event's...

I think the Women's 10,000 will be very interesting. Meseret vs Elvan? Am I over looking Meselech?

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