Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deriba ain't so bad

I am getting to like this guy. Some may ridicule him for his collapses but one thing Deriba has going for him is that he runs his own race. Deriba is fun to follow because he does not settle for safe. He set an ambitious goal of 2:05 at the Houston Marathon. He was off his goal by more than 2 minutes but nonetheless set a course record.

Deriba is different. While others were afraid of the heat in Beijing, this guy went for gold and gave it everything. Haile tried to play it safe and avoided the marathon all together instead he gave us a half-hearted 10,000M and looked silly. Gete and Berhane made a mockery of the women's marathon. Deriba is all heart! He may be the breath of fresh air Ethiopian running needs - the un-Haile. A risk taker not afraid to make mistakes. Everyone can’t be and shouldn’t try be like Haile.