Friday, September 05, 2008

Meseret Defeated Again

Meseret Defar was defeated by Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) in the 5,000M at the Memorial Van Damme meet in Brussels. Meseret was niped at the end by Vivian Cheruiyot. Looks like Meseret is not running with a clear head and she may have lost a step. Needless to say she needs to get back on track.

Sileshi Sihine once again reminds us that he is one of the great 10,000 M runners to ever live by manhandling the field. Abebe Dinkesa a once promising runner finished
a distant 11th.

You can catch the actions at TrackShark.


yekolotemari said...

Meseret needs a break. It is not good to lose the sense of invincibility. Vivian did run a great race but Meseret would have taken her out any other time.

Anonymous said...

Meseret is falling behind as a great long distance runner, her performance in the last few months to our dismay is not up to the standard we are expecting. somehow she lost that last round kick and looks tired as she cross the line it's time for her to rethink her training strategy and prepare well for her next great run.
if you never came across this video before check it out.

Anonymous said...

meseret was beaten by vivian whitch means ethiopians can be .beaten please.kenya is great

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