Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Future of Roohca

We are ordinary guys. We found that we conversed about running a lot. We started this blog because we love running. We feel very lucky that people read our blog and we feel privileged that we can share our thoughts with you.

When we started this blog we just wanted to write. We never had a firm plan so this blog has exceeded our expectations. The more we blog the more we run about running. We also find more and more things to blog about. It has been a tremendous experience.

Now that we have been blogging for a while, we would like to take Roocha to the next level. We don’t exactly know what the next level is. We will need your help in determining what the next level is.

We know one thing for sure. For Roocha go get to the next level it needs to be democratized. We would like to share this blog with you if you are able and willing to contribute. You can be any type of contributor: regular contributor, occasional contributor, race report contributor, one-off contributor etc… All we ask is that you have a passion for running. To become a contributor send an email to

We also would like to listen to what you have to say. What is missing? What should we change? What should we keep doing? Where should we take this thing in the next couple of years?

Please help us by taking a moment to fill out the form below

email (Optional)
What is missing? What should we add? What should we change? What should we stop doing? What should we keep doing? Where should we take this thing ?


Anonymous said...

I like your efforts in gathering roocha news - especially concerning our professional runners from our country.

I think, however, there's an opportunity to encourage other Ethiopians residing in the United States or elsewhere around the world to go out and run themselves.

I would like to see them talk about their own running and physical and mental fitness and improvement as a result - how running has changed their lives.

Using this forum, to me, is a lot more valuable than just reporting on news as you will challenge and encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for making the all the effort in creating the medium and willingness to make it a life-changing experience


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