Saturday, August 23, 2008

Men's Marathon: Deriba gave it his best...

If you have not read the write up on Tsegaye Kebed at IAAF it's a must read. It's great to see someone like him succeed.

The results are good. Two Ethiopians fighting for a medal albeit bronze. Given that is a young crew I would take this any day. Best of all, all three finished in the top ten. Tsegaye Kebede third, Deriba Megra fourth and Gashaw Asfaw seventh. It's a statement of the talent level of these runners. Three relative unknowns in the top 10!

Deriba is a different type of runner. It's nice to see a runner is not afraid to push. Too often, Ethiopian runners are timid. The exceptions are Kenenisa and Haile. Deriba of course is still green and this is part of his learning experience. It's a shame he did not even get a medal out of this. He will be back.

Tsegaye ran a smart race and looked good at the end. He ran within his limits and looked like he could have ran a bit more. Look for him to step it up.

Samuel Wanjiru was better prepared. As for the gold, there was no way an Ethiopian would have won it today. I don't think an Ethiopian could have run 2:06 today.

Do you see a way an Ethiopian could have won?

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