Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beijing Closure

OK. I admit I am tired of the Olympics. I am ready to move on physically and mentally.

Physically, over the past two weeks I have been transformed into a couch potato. Browsing the net and flipping TV channels. Now, instead of watching others run I need to get out and do my own running. Mentally, I am tired of thinking and talking about medals, federations, events etc..

Before I move one I wanted some sort of closure by listing the top five performances as well as the top five disappointments. I would have loved to go with a top ten list but we were kind of light depthwise.

Top Performances
1 - Tirunesh Dibaba, 10,000 M – Ran the 2nd fastest time ever and looked as if she could have run faster.
2 - Kenenissa Bekele, 5,000 M – He did most of the work from start to finish. What a magnificent kick and what a race.
3 - Kenenissa Bekele, 10,000 M – Made it look like a jog.
4 - Tirunesh Dibaba, 5,000 M – Great tactical race and nice close.
5 - Deriba Merga and Tsgaye Kebede, Marathon – It’s hard to pick among the two. Deriba was going for gold but collapsed. Who can fault him for going for gold? On the other hand, Tsegaye ran a very smart race but never really had a shot at gold.

Jacob Jarsso , 3,000 M Steeeplechase - Finished 4th the Steeplechase beating a Kenyan. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the finals.
Zemzem Ahmed, 3,000 Steeplechase – Solid performance in the Women’s Steeplechase.
Gashaw Assfaw, Marathon– came in a solid seventh in the marathon.

Disappointing Performances
1 - Gete Wami and Berhane Adere, Marathon – The two did not come to run. They crashed out of the race early and it wasn’t even a very hot day and the pace wasn't fast when they crashed. What a waste!
2- Mestawat Tufa, 10,000 M– Went from a medal conteder to a DNF. Gives up easy. Exited the race when she lost contact with the lead pack. She should hire Shalene Flanigan to coach her on the art of catching runners form behind.
3 - Gelete Burka, 1,500 M– Gold favorite did not even make it to the finals. Enough said.
4 - Haile Gebreselassie, 10,000 M – Would have been better off running the marathon. At least he had a chance to medal in the marathon. I wonder what he though when Deriab was up there with the leaders? For sure Haile thinks he is better thanDeriba. What would Haile have been able to do? We will never know. With the emergence of young runners like Deriba, Tsegaye and others Haile is not a lock to make the Olympic team in 2012. Actually odds are against Haile making the team. Beijing was not a great way to go out.
5 - Nahom Mesfin and Roba Gary, 3,000 M Steeplechase – These two should have been in the steeplechase final. Instead they bombed out early.

Mekdes Bekele, 3,000 M Steeplechase :- Should have been in the Steeplechase finals but decided to chill early.
Ejigayehu Dibaba, 10,000 M - How she has fallen! From Olympic silver to mid-pack runner. She has talent but she does not seem to care. She still makes good money though.
Mulugeta Wondimu and Deresse Mekonnen, 1,500 M – huge step back for the men’s 1,500M.
Sileshi Sihine, 10,000 M – Got slaughtered by Kenenisa once again. Disappointment is that he just sat there and got slaughtered. You would think he would get tired of losing and change something to mount a challenge. He did not bother. Does the same thing gets the same results. It looks like he as accepted being second as his fate in life.
Meseret Defar, 5,000 – Never gave us the battle we expected but gave it a good run. Should have challenged for silver harder once chance for gold was gone.

This is what I have. Your thoughts?


yekolotemari said...

Kenenisa's performance in the 5k was amazing. By far the most enjoyable demonstration of dominance. Tirunesh just sat back and did what she always do in the 10k. No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

If you wish to watch Kenenisa Live in Zurich.

Enjoy zemede

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I must disagree with you on your assessment of Haile's contribution to the 10K race.

In my opinion, Haile ran a very unselfish race in that event to the extent that Kenenissa's victory could have been jeopardy had Haile not run the race in a tactical manner.

Clearly, you can observe how the race was playing out before Haile stepped up the pace and broke up Kenenissa's box.

I honestly didn't expent more than two medals in that particular race and Haile's contribution was instrumental.

I agree with you that Berhane's and Gete's performance was unacceptable. To me, had there been a purse for winning, they would have pushed for a decent finish.

I ran the Chicago race in 2007 where Berhane won. I know how insanely HOT it was. And Beijing was not even close to that - yet, she drops out of the race. Shameful.
I wouldn't have cared if both came in 'woora' and 'yewoora teket' ... but to drop out from an Olympic race? WOW... that one's beyond me.


Anonymous said...

well thier is no dissappoint performance for ethiopia inthe middle because ethiopians are only good in 10000m and 5000m womens but though kenenisa double but i must say kenya dint use good tactics in 5000m.

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