Monday, October 01, 2007

2:04:26 Predicted!!

I am not a golfer but every now and then I hear mention of someone hitting a “hole-in-one.” Apparently, at least one witness is required to confirm that someone’s claim of a hole-in-one is true. I read that the worst nightmare for a golfer is achieving the rare feat of hitting a hole-in-one, but with no witness around to corroborate the story.

So, what does a hole-in-one have to do with Roocha? Well, as I watched Haile Gebrselassie cross the finish line in Berlin yesterday, I had a very similar experience of someone who had just hit a hole-in-one but with no witness! On Friday evening, I had sent out an e-mail to a private google group reminding family members to watch Haile run the Berlin Marathon on WCSN’s live webcast on Sunday. I then wrote down my prediction for Haile’s finishing time.

Imagine my shock watching the finish line clock tick over the last 20 to 30 meters of the race as Haile rushed towards the tape. I can at least try to make my case with e-mails I pulled from the “Sent” folder…

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Am I good or am I good? Haile breaks the record in 2:04:26!!!

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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 21:50:02
Subject: [Xxxxxxxxxx] Watch Berlin Marathon on Sunday

Haile Gebrselassie will be attempting to break the marathon world record in a highly anticipated race in Berlin and Gete Wami will also be defending her title. You can watch it LIVE at for US$4.95.

My prediction: Haile gets the record in a time of 2:04:26


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Anonymous said...

You should have played the Lotto on Sept. 28th, my friend. Haile got his check, you would have gotten yours too. ;)

Can you predict mine this coming Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, hats off on your excellent prediction! Maybe you should tease out the idea of changing your profession . . .

If I may tag along with Selassie and help me in predicting my time for this coming sunday in chi-town that would be great.

-Roocha TeKetaTaye

Anonymous said...

RooCHa Teketatay,

Good luck on your Chicago Marathon this Sunday too. I am running it myself.

If weather holds out, it should be a fantastic race. - hopefully a Boston qualifier race.


roocha said...

Selassie and RooCHa Teketataye- I am gonna have to duck your request by saying I will need to know as much about you and your training as I know about Haile in order to make any prediction. Best wishes in Chicago on Sunday. Looks like it may be a warm day so run conservative and drink lots of fluid. It should be one incredible race in front with Cheruiyot, Limo, Gharib, Rutto, Njenga, Maiyo... absolutely loaded. I am pulling for Njenga to get the win- he was second three times and third two times in Chicago. On the women's side, I hope Berhane Adere will produce another great performance while Teyba Erkesso gets a solid marathon debut. I will be watching on WCSN.

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