Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Osaka: Extra - Tirunesh Dibaba out of 5000M

Tirunesh Dibaba has decided against defending her distance double at the athletics world championships and withdrawn from the 5,000 meters.

The Ethiopian runner blamed lingering cramp in her side for preventing her from attempting to win a third consecutive 5,000 meters title.

Dibaba, who was bothered by the cramp in her win in the 10,000, made the announcement Tuesday, on the eve of the 5,000 heats.

She won both the 5,000 and 10,000 at the 2005 world championships in Helsinki and won the 5,000 two years before that at Paris.

The 5,000 was one of the most anticipated races of the championships because
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yekolotemari said...

Tiru should not run against Defar unless she is 100%. She would lose. she has nothing to gain by coming second. It is a miracle she managed to beat her last time she doubled.

I still say the Ethiopians have an excellent chance to sweep. Vivian Cheruiyot and Mariem Alaoui Selsouli could spoil the party. Elvan has an outside chance but after the 10k, doubt it. I would have been scared if Maryam Jamal was running the 5k. Although inconsistent, she has a killer kick.

I am dreaming Gelete vs Meseret last 200meters:)

Anonymous said...

I agree... Tiruya has done all for her conunty.... she is a hero.. she ran hurt.. she has fullfilled her duty... we are not that medal greedy.. are we?