Thursday, August 30, 2007

Osaka: Day Six - Men's 5000 M Heats

The young ones, Tariku Bekele, Abraham Cherkose and Bekana Daba will be representing Ethiopia. All thee are expected to qualify. There are no sprpirse with Tariku and Abraham being on this squad. Bekana on the other hand is a fellow who ran himself on to the Osaka team with a series of surprising performances and luck this year. He first made noise winning over 5000M at the All-Ethiopian Games. Then in July, he went on to produced the season's 10th fastest time at Braaschaat(Belgium). The Braaschaat run made him the season's 5th fastest Ethiopan at that distance behind, Kenenisa, Sileshi, Tariku and Abraham. That run leap-froged him ahead of Markos Geneti in consideration for Osaka. He then got a break when a spot opened when Kenenisa decided not to double. Bekana was added to the team as the 4th runner, basically a reserve. Bekana's endless good fortunes continued. After running in that grueling 10000M run Sileshi Sihine opted out of the 5000M opening a spot for Bekana . The improbable will happen today when Bekana Daba takes the track.

It's always good to see new faces. In 2004, a young runner by the name of Meseret Defar was added to the Olympic team as a result of a chain of events. In a controversial decision, Berhane Adere was dropped from the 10000m squad. Ejegayehu Dibaba was moved from the 5000M to the 10000M to take Berhane's spot. That opened a spot for Meseret Defar on the 5000M squad. Meseret Defar won that event and the rest is history!

5000M Meters Heats(Men): Tariku and Abraham Advance
The first heat was a slow affair that ended up in an all out sprint. Tariku Bekele led the the sprint and held off the field (including 1500M champ Bernard Lagat) to win his heat in an impressive way. Newcomer Bekana Daba struggled when the pace picked up and faded when the sprint started.

In the second heat, Abraham Cherkos advanced by finishing second behind Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya. Abraham showed great speed overtaking trash talking Australian Craig Mottram in the last 100M. Finals are on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Great blog site for ethio roocha... keep it up bro/sis ... i am enjoying your analysis

yekolotemari said...

I am scared of Lagat. He can kick. The only way to have a chance at the gold is to keep the pace fast from the beginning. I just don't like seeing the 1500 specialist until the final lap.
I am afraid, Lagat may win this one. Tariku may get a silver or bronze.

roocha said...

Yekolotemari- you hit the nail on the head. Lagat CAN NOT be allowed to sit and kick off a slow pace. These guys need to know (I hope their coaches can figure this much) that the pace needs to be fast from the gun! Otherwise Lagat will walk away with 5000M gold in addition to the 1500 gold he got yesterday, in an EXACT replay of what El Guerouj did at the Athens Olympics in 2004. There is a definite danger that Ethiopia can be shut out of medals in the men's 5000M!

Haddis said...

Mottram is confident about beating tariku. He beat him twice earlier this year. The only question mark is Mottram's 'bad hamstring'. If they run in the same way as earlier this year (13:05 pace) then mottram will hold them off. If the inject a little more pace earlier and force the big man to run 12:57 ... then the ethiopians have a chance. Running 12:57 in the heat and humidity is probably worth 12:48.. which i blv both tariku and abreham are capable off. However, if they lay back and let the pace lag.. they will get killed.

abatagobata said...

Lagat looked tired today even in a slow race. Legat had a good kick at the end but does not really scare me. Mottram looks strong but not so good of a sprint. The Kenyan in Abraham's race was really good. But Tariku looked the best.

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