Saturday, July 21, 2007

All Africa Games- July 19

Zeresenay Tadesse won the 10000M gold medal making Eritrea the only nation other than Ethiopia and Kenya to ever win the 10000M in the 42 years of All Africa Games. Zersenay, the man who dethroned Kenenisa Bekele from the pinnacle of cross country racing in Mombasa, won the 10000M in 27:00.30. Ethiopia's Tadesse Tola and Gebre Gebremariam won the silver and bronze medal, respectively, shutting Kenya out of the medal podium.

In Women's Half-Marathon, Atsede Bayisa of Ethiopia won the silver medal in a time of 1:13:54. In women's 20km walk, Asnakech Ararsa won the bronze medal in a time of 1:49:29.