Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Streakers... Game Over!

All good things must come to an end. And so the streak I started on April 1, to do consecutive days of running, ended on June 10 after 70 days of running every day. Actually, I came down with a flu type of illness on June 6th, but I fought hard to not end the streak and managed to get a run in for three more days, hoping that I would get better and maintain the streak. But by Sunday June 10, I was in no shape to walk up a flight of stairs let alone go on a run. So I missed my run for the day as well as the following 9 days.

I have returned to the daily run as of June 20 after making sure I was back close to full health. However, I will not be attempting another streak as I found it to be too stressful. Perhaps someday I will notice that I have passed my personal record of 70 consecutive days of running, but as the pros like to say, I will just let the record come to me rather than chase it.

Happy running!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that you actually are a runner as well as a runner fanatic/reporter. Kuddos!

I will advise you, however, running consecutive days will do you more harm than good. Your running muscles that breakdown during a run (especially a long run) will need time to repair themselves - that is why day offs are a recommended. As a runner, you also need to take in foods that are full of antioxidants that promote quick recovery of free radicals in your body. Vitamins C and E are a neccessity.

So please, don't jeopardize your running by going on some streak for bravado - be smart and run longer by staying healthy.


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