Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dan or Dave

If you had a chance to watch the USA Track and Field National Championships over the weekend, you know that the event was full of drama. Some Gold Medal favorites for Osaka World Championships (Xavier Carter, Sanya Richards) failed to make the team altogether. On the flip side, there were some eye popping performance such as Tyson Gays 100M and 200M runs (Go Razorbacks!).

Xavier Carter's failure to make the team was due to injury, but I was most shocked to see that Sanya Richards, 2006 World Athlete of the Year, failed to make the US team in the 400M for the World Championships.

And that got me thinking back to 1992. I wonder how many people recall the huge ad campaign Reebok undertook leading up to the Barcelona Olympics. They hyped up two of the best decathletes, Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson, building up anticipation as to who will take the Olympic Gold. Well, as it turned out Dan O'Brien failed to make the Olympic team entirely and Dave Johnson managed only a Bronze Medal.

Coming back to 2007, it is pretty clear at the moment that the strongest head to head competition in women's athletics is between the Dueling D's, Meseret Defar and Tirunesh Dibaba. But, after seeing the fate of Carter and Richards over the weekend, I can't help but wonder what if Meseret fails to make the Ethiopian team for the World Championships 5000M? What about Tirunesh? Well, I believe she has already secured a spot since she is the defending champion from 2005.