Monday, March 12, 2007

Rest In Peace

So much to write about, but so little time to do it. I owe you a recap of why it has been so quiet at Roocha recently, but I had to make a quick post right now...

In the past I had written a piece about how little homage is paid to the Ethiopia's legendary runners who have brought so much recognition to the country. It appears now that some think they don't even deserve to rest in peace. Several days ago I read on one blog about the desecration of Abebe Bikila's and Mamo Wolde's statutes at their grave site. I could not tell if this was indeed true or if it was a sick joke by the writer. Now other sources are reporting this news and it appears that the unimaginable has indeed taken place.

It is little comfort that at least Abebe still has an annual award named after him here in the US and Mamo has a monument honoring him in Spain. But I must ask, have we no shame? Have we no respect, not even for the dead??