Monday, February 05, 2007

Tirunesh Speaks

In my last post, I mentioned it would be interesting to hear comments from Tirunesh about her 3000M race at the Millrose Games. Well, she has spoken and, as expected, she did comment on the difficulty of running on such a tight track as the one at Madison Square Garden. Having heard her answer, I still believe that was her first and last appearance at Millrose Games.

Tirunesh comments on many different things such as her plan for 2007 and support from Ethiopian spectators at the race. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from her. Incidentally, it is very refreshing to have the services of such a competent interpreter. On many ocassions in the past, I have seen poor interpretations of questions and answers create awkward moments such as in 1997 when Fatuma Roba was visibly confused when the interpreter asked her, right after she won the Boston Marathon, how she felt about this victory in "this Olympic race."

Enjoy Tirunesh's interview.