Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ejeg Betam Tirunesh

Ethiopians athletes have been dominating races so much this year that a new nick name is being thrown around to describe them. First it was "Bekele the destroyer" in Edinburgh and now we have Tiru the "baby-face destroyer" in Boston. Larry Rawson, one of the most knowledgable commentators in track and field, called the Women's 5000M indoor race in Boston this past weekend and he described Tirunesh by that name. Thanks to an annonymous comment to an earlier post, you can watch a good portion of the race here.

"Ejeg Betam" Tirunesh simply looks elegant in this race. Her strides look like she is running a mile race and not 5000M. And after setting a world record, she hardly looks spent! This may be sign of things to come in 2007. Perhaps it will be a year when she elevates herself from an excellent runner to that of a legend as Haile Gebrselassie did in 1995 with amazing record setting performances in 5000M in Zurich and 10000M in Hengelo.

You can see more of the legend in the making as Tirunesh will be running at the 100th Millrose Games (largest indoor track meet in the world) in New York tomorrow night- televised live Feb. 2 on ESPN2 7-9PM EST, and Sat. Feb. 3 NBC 2-3PM EST.

If you want to learn more about Tirunesh, check out this great article from July/August 2006 issue of Running Times.