Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Berhane Adere Story

IAAF has an article about veteran women runners rekindle Ethiopian marathon hopes. It talks about the reemergence of former tracks starts Gete Wami and Berhane Adere as marathon runner. It's really a great read and has a nice write up about Brehane Adere and what she has had to overcome. She is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite athletes and get this - she has had such bad luck that she hasn't won an Olympic Medal (not even a bronze.)

I have always been somewhat skeptical about track starts aging into marathostardomme. Runners that win the big races (Olympics and World Championships) are almost always never ex-track stars. Our champions Gezahegne Abera and Fatuma Roba did not come up this route. However, I think Berhane Adere is an exception. Although Berhane has been consistently one of the best track runners and can run a blistering 3,000 meter she never looked totally natural on the track. On the other hand, she looked like a natural marathon runner when she disposed of Galina Bogomolova with one of the best marathon closing moves to win the Chicago Marathon. Hopefully that is something that she can repeat.