Sunday, November 05, 2006

#7 vs. #8

A year and a half ago, USA Today newspaper ran an interesting series titled 10 Hardest Things To Do In Sports. On that list, Running a Marathon came in at #7 while the Tour de France came in at #8.

While it is difficult to fathom that either one of these things could be easier to do than Hitting a Baseball or Race Car Driving, as the series seems to suggest, we should atleast have a clear answer for the #7 vs. #8 scenario. The undisputed champion of #8, Lance Armstrong, will be attempting #7 (not another Tour de France victory but a marathon run) in few short hours at the New York City Marathon, the most famous foot race in the world.

I am sure the first question Armstrong will be asked, if and when he finishes the marathon, is whether running the marathon is easier than riding on the Tour. I can hardly wait for his answer.

By the way, you can watch the New York City Marathon here. Among the elite athletes entered in the race are Ethiopians Worku Beyi, Kassahun Kabiso, Hailu Negussie, and Leteyesus Berhe.

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